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Constructive Visual is an Australian Web Hosting Provider with CPanel hosting, dedicated hosting, e-commerce hosting and WordPress hosting options available. Get web hosting straight from our Australian based servers. Choose from our range of web hosting packages to suit your website’s requirements and get started today!

Web Hosting Packages



/Per Month

Option to pay $160 Annually

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/Per Month

Option to pay $180 Annually

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/Per Month

Option to pay $222 Annually

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DDoS-Protected Network

We operate a fully redundant network which is built with a no single point of failure.

Acronis Hourly Backups

Every cPanel account will have access to regular Acronis backups that can be restored by the end user.

Enterprise Grade Hardware

Experience the unrivaled reliability and speed of our top-of-the-line hardware. Built for your business.

Outbound Spam Filtering

SpamExperts outbound spam and virus filtering helps to prevent email server blacklisting.

Fast Service Activation

Your service will be activated by Constructive Visual technicians when you pay by credit card or PayPal.

No Lock-In Contracts

Our Web Hosting plans have no contract term and you can cancel your service at any time.

PHP Version Selector

Select your own PHP version from a list the latest PHP versions to suit the needs of your website.

Fortinet Hardware Firewall

Fortinet provides extra protection from a malicious attack. (DDoS etc.)

Web Hosting Platforms



/Per Month

Option to pay $269 Annually

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/Per Month

Option to pay $299 Annually

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On Request

Annual Options Available

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Frequently Asked Questions

A domain name is a unique identifying name that a user enters into a internet browser in order to find your website.
Every website on the internet has a number identifier called an IP Address which is a random set of numbers.
A domain name transfers an IP Address ( for example) into a name ( for example) for your clients to easily find and remember your website.

Web hosting is essential to having a physical online presence 24/7, 365 days a year on the internet.
You’ll have the ability to host your website and email accounts and track your website visitors.

On all of our new hosting plans backups are taken automatically by an application named “Acronis”.
The 12-hourly backups for our hosting plans are usually taken at 7AM and 7PM every day.
Even though this is in place we still heavily recommend that all clients should be taking and storing their own backups on a remote host or their own computer.

Constructive Visual offers support by email, knowledge base, live chat, announcements, network statuses and e-Tickets.
For more information please visit our support page.