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WordPress Maintenance Plans

Safely Servicing Your Website

We Can Provide You With WordPress Maintenance

We’ll take care of your website updates for you so you’ll never have another website headache again.

Forget the hassle of remembering to update and maintain your WordPress website. We offer WordPress website maintenance plans for every budget.

The experts at Constructive Visual can do all of the work for you, so you can focus all of your efforts on your business.

WordPress is the most popular publishing platform in the world and because of it’s popularity it becomes the target of hackers each year.
WordPress regularly releases updates to help repair identified vulnerabilities and exploits to combat these attacks.

Maintaining regular updates is essential for helping your site remain safe and not compromised by hackers.
Our WordPress Maintenance Service includes updates for the latest bug fixes, new features, performance improvements and efforts to stay up to date with industry standards.

If you don’t keep your site current you are potentially risking website vandalism, security & client data information breaches and damage to your business name and brand.

Our WordPress Maintenance Plans



/Per Month

Basic Package Details



/Per Month

Standard Package Details

WordPress Updates

Recieve Scheduled Updates

We’ll keep you up to date with the latest WordPress Updates to ensure you have the best security and performance from your website.

Plugin Maintenance

Regular Plugin Checks

We review and test for compatibility, vulnerability check, full review and testing to ensure you have your plugins fully up-to-date.

Theme Updates

Stay Up-To-Date

We’ll keep your WordPress website’s theme up-to-date and protected with the latest versions.
(Depending on your theme license)

WordPress Updates

Full Website Backups

For best practices, we always complete a full backup just incase something goes wrong we can quickly restore your site in minutes!

Plugin Maintenance

Protection For Your Site

We’ll help protect your website from viruses, malware and hackers with our recommended set of security plugins and custom scripts.

Theme Updates

Full Monthly Reports

Once a month we will send you an email report with the latest theme, plugin, performance and updates on your WordPress website.

WordPress Maintenance Plans Information


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Our Website Care Plans

We offer monthly care plans where Constructive Visual can assist your business each month with cleaning, maintaining and making small changes to your website.

The website care packages are offered as a monthly or annual subscription basis and is highly recommended for e-Commerce and membership websites.



/Per Month

Essential Package Details



/Per Month

Professional Package Details



/Per Month

Priority Package Details

*Small Tasks – Small tasks are defined as client requests for requested work on the website that equals less than 30 minutes to complete. Includes adding requested content or improving supplied content on your website.

**Web Developer Support – Web developer support is defined as requested changes to the layout and coding component of your website that equals less than 1 hour (Professional Package) or 2 hours (Priority Package) to complete.

All requested work that takes longer than the estimated quote time will be sent as a quote to the client to approve before going ahead.

Please contact us if you require extra small tasks or web developer support each month and we can tailor a package to suit your website needs.

Website Maintenance & Care Frequently Asked Questions

WordPress Maintenance Plans – This plan will provide you only with WordPress Theme and Plugin updates as the essential focus of your package to update your website.

Website Care Packages – These packages are designed for Constructive Visual to help you with your website. This includes updating content on your pages through to helping you maintain your customers/members to ensure that your website is running smoothly.

We’re here to help support your business so you can focus on your business and not so much with in the website admin panel business.

Reach out to Constructive Visual today to discuss the best plan or care for your business today!

To be able to provide support, we will need access to your WordPress Website.
1) Access to an administrator account in WordPress.
2) Access to your webserver (FTP) Username & Password and access to your web hosting dashboard such as Plesk or CPanel.
3) A contact name for the account, phone number and email address.

Yes, we have four different hosting plans available.
We also have a hosting plan dedicated to WordPress websites.
View our plans on our website hosting page.

We can still provide support to you and your WordPress website if you’re happy with your current host.
For the best results, we can ensure a quality hassle-free service with our hosting services if you decide to transfer your WordPress website to us.

Absolutely. As long as we have FTP access to your web hosting server.
We cannot ensure that all of our services will be compatible with your current host and we may ask you to contact them if we require any assistance or permission to run our plugins and scripts on their services.

If your WordPress website is hosted by us, we automatically backup your hosting account every 12 hours using Acronis and the data is stored in our data centre in Melbourne, Australia.
WordPress Maintenance Plan clients will have their accounts backed up each month on our secure Synology NAS in our office in Perth, Australia.
All Standard plans are backed up before we start our monthly updates to your WordPress install. For Basic Plan members please ensure that your web hosting provider keeps regular backups of your website. Please check your agreement with your web hosting provider.

Constructive Visual’s WordPress Maintenance Service is billed on a month to month basis. You have the option to cancel your plan at any time.

Billing is automated month by month. We will provide a prorated refund for any unused time left in your plan.
Please review our refund policy 12.2 in our Terms of Service.